Community Meal
Mobile Pantry / Food Distribution
St Juliana the Merciful Outreach Ministry
St. Herman House – FOCUS Cleveland
ZOE for Life, St. Mary of Egypt, St. Pantaleimon, St. Nicholas Uganda Children's Fund
Pastry Sale
Charity Collection
Local Ministry

Community Meal 

Hospitality is central to the identity of our parish family. We are happy to open the doors of our parish to the neighbors in the surrounding areas and offer a free hot meal to our community on the third Sunday of the month. There is no need to sign up first; just come by and sign in. Dinner is served at 5 pm on the third Sunday of each month.

Annually, we serve over 1600 individual meals and we are helped by approximately 50 different volunteers from the parish, including many of our youth.

As we enter the 12th year of the Community Meal at St. Innocent, we are humbled and grateful for God’s continued blessing on our service.

For additional information and to know how you can serve, see or contact Rachel Vovos or Brian Scanlon.

Mobile Pantry / Produce Distribution 

Many of our parishioners volunteer at this wonderful ministry
Our parish has partnered with the Cleveland Food Bank to distribute produce and groceries to those in need. Every month we distribute over 10,000 Lbs of produce and groceries.

With God's help and the service of many faithful Christians willing to serve our neighbor in need, every month we are able to reach over 160 households accounting for over 500 people.

Please, check our monthly calendar for the dates of distribution.

For additional information and to know how you can serve, see or contact Amy Ries.

You can find the income guidelines here.

St Juliana the Merciful Outreach Ministry 

The St. Juliana Group exists to share the love of Christ with those in need through prayer, phone calls, visits, an encouraging note, or meal preparation.

Our outreach includes the following activities:

• Pray for those who are in need
• Visit the sick and homebound
• Visit parishioners in nursing homes or assisted living homes
• Make phone calls to check on anyone who may be in need
• Make and bring meals for families with new babies
• Make and bring meal for any need
• Help with transportation to church for those who cannot come on their own
Send cards/notes of encouragement to those families who have lost a loved one or are going through a hard time

St. Herman House – FOCUS Cleveland 

For many years, our parish has been a faithful supporter of the St. Herman’s House of Hospitality by providing meals and financial support. 

Men from St Innocent working at St Herman's
In the past, St. Innocent has supported this wonderful ministry by adopting/financing a room in the new transitional house and various service projects.  

Our support to St Hermans also includes serving a meal on the last Tuesday of each month, financial support, furnishing for the sponsored room, hygiene kits, and, most importantly, our continued prayers. 

To know what you can do to keep supporting St Herman, see or contact Dave Minich.


Christian charitable organizations  

Our parish is proud to support in prayer, work, and financially wonderful local and national organizations such as: 

ZOE for life
St. Mary of Egypt
St. Pantaleimon
St. Nicholas Children's Fund

Pastry Sale 

Ladies from the parish making pierogi
The pastry sale is a longtime fund-raising and fellowship ministry at St Innocent. A group of 12-15 women make Pierogies for the Holiday Pastry Sale. This annual sale provides pastries (baklava, spanakopita, etc.) & pierogies for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. A Cookie Walk is included at the Christmas sale, where many families in the parish donate cookies to sell. 

During Lent, a Pierogie Sale is also held. 
In the past year, a group of men from the parish has joined the pastry sale team in the preparation of the pierogies. 

These events provide us with important Christian fellowship but also provide financial support for St. Innocent. This is the tenth year we have been doing the sales, and we continue to have a loyal following.

For additional information and to know how you can serve in this ministry, see or contact Maria Sarris. 

Charity Collection 

Every month our parish dedicates a special collection to a charity organization. Some of the beneficiaries in the recent months have been: Zoe for Life, St. Herman’s House, the Hoppe Family, our diocesan seminarians, and Christian In Actions, Jesse Brandow, OCMC candidate for Guatemala,IOCC, St. Gregory Palamas Monastery, Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Ancient Faith Radio, St. Panteleimon Orthodox Outreach, St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Ministry, the Cleveland Deanery, etc. 

We thank all our parishioners and visitors for their generosity towards these outreach ministries.

Local Ministry

Kevin Lytle as St Innocent at the Olmsted Falls Heritage Parade
The parish of St Innocent Orthodox Church is actively involved in witnessing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in Olmsted Falls. We partner with a local Christian ecumencial organization, Christians in Action and take part in a variety of ministries, such as the Christmas Gift Program, Turkey Hunt, etc.

Our parish also participates in the Olmsted Falls Heritage Days Parade.